Sunday, February 20, 2011

Midnight Matinee

Dear Tattered Angel,

Tonight I was given a rare treat of spending one on one quiet time with just you, once again late into the night watching your favorite movie, How To Train Your Dragon. Earlier this evening the excitement of the day had drained your reserves until you could no longer keep your tired rolling eyes open as your head drooped and you drifted off to sleep setting in your spica chair. 

Little time is required to fully recharge your batteries. Only a few minutes need to pass by and our little angel can be found wide-eyed, full of energy, unwillling to go to sleep. Previous short naps in the past have meant long hours into the night chasing a child who has no idea what dad means when he pleads, "Monkey, as this is your nickname,  please, it is one in the morning.  Aren't you ready to go to sleep yet?  Dad is tired."  Your reply is stern and determined, "Monkey, no go nite-nite." As you once again return to dragging yourself from one side of the room to the other with little evidence of slowing down or preperation for sleep.

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