Friday, February 11, 2011

Standing Tall, Standing Proud

Dear Tattered Angel,


My dear sweet daughter, you create such wonderful memories for each and every member of our family. Focusing on the precious memories, I have concluded over the next few weeks to attempt to capture some small part of who you are, what you mean to our family, and who you are becoming.

Meeting with your doctor to discuss your plan for recovery, the topic of rehab became the center of discussion.  At the conclusion of the cycles of surgeries, casts and cast changes, we wanted to begin planning the path that will give you the quickest recovery to begin running, jumping, and yes, swimming.  Our concern was centered on what type of rehabilitation you would require.  Would we need to bring you to Salt Lake every week to begin to return movement to your hip, or would we be going to a local therapist to encourage you to use your hip that will be sore and stiff.  To calm our concerns, and give us insight into the mind of a growing child your doctor explained to us that adults are the only people that need to be pushed through the pain, children naturally look through the sore and painful movements to objective they desire to achieve.  Aching and tender joints do little to slow the process of a child when their heart becomes fixated to somewhere they want to explore or something they want to achieve.

With your cast you have already demonstrated this same determination.  The weight of a cast that burdens your movements has done nothing more than to begin to develop stronger muscles to match the strength of the heart that lies within.  Each moment spent observing you I am able to witness yet another amazing occurrence in the life of this special child the lord saw fit to bestow to me.  Your daily activities have become small miracles in the lives of your parents who have been blessed to be part of your journey. Continue to push your boundaries and strive for new horizons.  Each time you rise from the trials and setbacks you face in your life now and forever, continue to stand firm, stand tall and stand proud.


TheFischerFam said...

Great job Aleena!

Bigred72 said...

Now that's determination!!!

Wendy said...

She is amazing!!!