Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Dear Little Angel,

As the sun commences to set on another day, we find ourselves continually amazed with your creativity and curiosity. There are no out-of-bounds to a two year old little girl who finds herself in a peculiar world encircled with unfamiliar places to explore and learn.  With or with out your cast, your quest to acquire new experiences to expand your developing understanding of the world around you proceed to progress at an ever increasing rate. 

During the preceding days we have had the opportunity while removing a diaper, of discovering some of your hidden treasures situated deep in your cast.  Peeling back your last layer of diapering we chanced upon a number of toys you had position down the front of your cast to conceal them from your parents. A plastic bolt from your brother's tool set, and a cup of split peas scattered from front to back.  Removing the split peas from your cast was quite the task.  While holding you upside down from the ankles supporting the weight of your cast, your mother fished around the opening edges to release any peas caught in the spaces between your cast and your skin.  One mother I was visiting with on the Internet tells the story of her daughter having her cast removed revealing green beans stored deep inside.  Your doctor tells us it is all to common to encounter anything a child finds interesting to be stashed within the crevice of the cast like the pocket of a mother kangaroo.  The gap between your tummy and cast has become your own little treasure chest.  Numerous times I scolded you to keep things out of your cast. The space is large enough to tuck your arms up to your elbows.  As time continues I am confident we will have a number of adventures that will end with the uncovering of additional treasures hidden deep within your private treasure chest.

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