Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picture Books

Dear Little Angel,

Nearing the end of your first six weeks of your original cast, finding new creative ideas to fill your time and keep your attention can be challenging.  Activities that delighted you yesterday hold your interest for only a few moments before you thoughtlessly toss them on the floor behind your desk in a growing pile of small toys, broken crayons and torn pages.  Seeking new pastimes to hold your attention can be quite the undertaking for your mother as your attention span dwindles being replaced with constant requests to let you down to play and explore.  Out of your desk your tiny smile brightens as you climb, crawl, and walk cautiously along the furniture.  Allowing you more time out of your desk is only an option if mother or I are right there as your confidence in your abilities has strengthen to the point that nothing deters your interest, including anything you can find the fortitude to climb and conquer. 

To appease your growing appetite for stimulating adventures, today we allowed you to survey our family photo albums.  Carefully turning each page to study the familiar faces in the countless photographs, taking time to point out to everyone in the room, each person captured by name, "Laysha, it Neena."  "That Daddy." "Look Mommy, It's you."  Occasionally, you suddenly burst into laughter as you direct every one's attention to special finite details that have peaked your interest.  Horses, dogs, flowers, and family members seem to bring the grandest responses followed by favorite activities of swimming in the backyard, going on bike rides and camping in the mountains.  Any attempt to remove the album from your gazing eyes results in screaming fits of anger as you yell, "Laysha, my book, leave it alone."  Attempts to explain we are in the process of exchanging that album for another is quickly acknowledged by a simple, "okay daddy, I sorry Laysha."

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