Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everyday Life

Dear Little Angel,

It appears I have finally caught up some what with the events of the past few weeks.  Today was just one more day down of the eigthy-two days you'll be in this first cast.  Mom decided to give you a sponge bath upstairs in the kitchen sink.  Even the smallest whisper of the word water and you are all excited, calling for a bath.  After a bath we performed our weekly routine of inspecting your cast and replacing the peddling around the edges. 

One of your favorite things to do to fill your day is play with the container of beans mom gave to you.  I am sure we will find beans everywhere and in every thing for months to come. 

 The sun was shinning outside so we asked you if you want to go outside.  You were so excited.  You continued to yell, "outside, outside, outside".  The weather was beautiful and a bit cold, but you were happy to be seeing the world, to not be confined by your cast.


Wendy said...

I am so happy to see and hear that she is doing so well! You all continue to be in our prayers. We love you all!

AmandaB said...

Coming home after a very challenging day...I got your invite and started reading. Quite a humbling experience...Thank you for sharing. She is an angel!