Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Diapering Routine

Dear Little Angel,

As a new parent I thought changing a new born baby's diaper was difficult or maybe slightly intimidating.  In the passing weeks I have learn new routines that overshadow the intimidation I use to feel.  The care for your cast is three times the difficultly I was faced with when I was a new father.  Your new care requires the use of two diapers and pad with every changing.  The process requires us to take a small, size one diaper, with the Velcro tabs removed, lined with the pad, to be carefully tucked in and up around your little bottom and then wrapped forward and tucked into the front carefully as to not hit your stitches.  Once the task of the first layer is complete, we take a larger currently, size five diaper, putting it in place like a standard diaper, only wrapped around your little cast.  Ensuring we stay on top of this chore is important.  Delayed changes risk a soiled cast that will retain the unpleasant smells until you reach your next cast change at the conclusion of six weeks.  Parents from all over the world who have been faced with this challenging side effect of a delayed change are reminded throughout the day of this oversight by the sweet scent of the cast lingering in the air.

Your changing throughout the days is no small preparation.  At first the changes where difficult if only for the reasons of extreme caution on our part attempting to complete the chore with no pain to you, compounded by the lack of experience for our first little hip-baby.  Now with time on our side, the task is still difficult.  The original short-comings of inexperienced parents have been replaced by the attitude of a young child who has learned to wiggle her way out of reach.  As we pull you back in reach, you giggle and repeat the elusive maneuvers over and over again, testing our strength and pushing your boundaries.

Even at your young age your unique personality is shinning brightly for all to see.  At times you love the spotlight when surrounded by the familiar faces of close family and friends.  While other times you turn your head covering your face with your tiny arms, shying away from unwanted attention.  Often I find myself struggling to record every detail of these moments, somehow preserving them for some a future moment in my life when someone asks me what has brought me happiness, so I might be able to vividly remember the sweet smell of your hair at the conclusion of the night as I carry you to your bed.  Your tiny arms wrapped around my neck as you sweetly tell me goodnight.  How do you describe the touch of little warms hands gently held to your cheeks as a little nose presses close when a small tender kiss is placed.  It is in these moments that life seems perfect.

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