Friday, June 3, 2011

Smelly Cast - Warm Weather

Dear Little Angel,

Your current cast has presented us with a challenge we did not entertain with your last cast. With the warmth of the summer sun our little angel's hair can be found constantly wet with sweat.  While at the hospital, you found comfort in the fleece blanket given to you when you left the operating room.  As long as your blankie covered you body, touching your face, you would snuggle into your pillow, falling quickly asleep.  Unfortunately, the first few days after your surgery, you carried a slight fever causing your skin temp to climb resulting in soaked pillows and sheets in your crib.  Each day we changed your clothes, dried your pillow and cleaned everything we possibly could, but within days your cast took on the smell of a sweaty gym room.  During your last cast, the cooler temperatures of winter kept your cast from acquiring the sent of sweat, but with temperature reaching 80 degrees, already in a week and a half we have to change your pedaling and dry your cast with a hairdryer.  Based on the recommendation of other parents we have started to use Frebreeze Air Sanitizer to help reduce the intensity of the scents of your cast.  After lying next to you last night, I told your mother the scent of your cast reminded me of the Giraffe House at the Hoogle Zoo.  This building during the summer months has the smell of sweaty animals mixed with the scent of urine on the concrete floors.  Over the next four weeks until your next cast change we are concerned with the strength of the scent increasing what the smell of your cast will mutate into by the time it is removed.


TheFischerFam said...

That does not sound pleasant at all. Here's hoping to cooler temperatures a little longer to keep the smell under control.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, our daughter is about to start here journey in 2 weeks, so it has been good to follow you and discover what is happening, not many resources in good ole Australia!, thanks for posting