Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mountain Climbing In Your Spica

Dear Little Angel,

With summer quickly coming upon us we find ourselves with your older brother and sister out of school looking for something to occupy their time.  To help your mother in keeping her sanity we have signed them up for a summer program called, "Kids in the park."  This program runs every day with the exception of Friday with a variety of activities and field trips to fill the daytime hours for most of the morning.  This next week the group has a number of outdoor activities planned including a hike up a local mountain trail to waterfall canyon. This year we have received a record number of snowfall for the winter with many ski resorts staying open until the 4th of July.  These deep snow packs result in high rivers with dangerous rapids.  It is very common for the rivers to be very swollen often reaching flood stages.  This year many houses have flooded and already the lives of four children have been claimed by the swift rivers.  Your mother, not wanted to send our kids with strangers to dangerous areas decided to spend the evening today taking the family and hiking the trails so we can make an informed decision as to whether your brother and sister can attend.  Loading you and your infant sister into the jogger, we attached the trail bars, and strapped the harness over my shoulders.  Off on the trails we headed with everyone in the family.  People passing by were first caught off guard by the site of our jogger and even more stunned to discover a small infant child and her 2 year old casted sister seated next to her.  As we passed by each of the hikers, your loud outside voice could be heard as you shouted,"Hi" to everyone on the trail.  The waterfalls and bridges we crossed offered a cool breeze as we continued our inspection of the hike.  Who says just because your child is in a cast you have to slow down.  One of my favorite quotes, "Where there is a will....there is a way!"


aunt wendy said...

Fun!!! I love hiking! I want to come!

Gretchen said...

I can hook my trailer to my bike, but I have never seen a harness like that before. It looks like you had fun. Where did you go?