Sunday, May 15, 2011

Preparing for 2nd Ultrasound on Newborn

Dear Little Angel,

Two weeks have passed by so quickly since our last visit to Shriner's Hospital to check your newborn sister for the possibility of a Hip Dysplasia diagnoses.  Since this time, our little newborn baby, only three weeks old has been placed in a harness, day and night with the intentions of deepening her sockets, creating more coverage of the femur head combined with hopes of shallowing the angle of her pelvis to hopefully avoid developing displaced hips over the next few years.  Today, we once again travel to the hospital to take another ultrasound of our baby's hips to see if any progress in these measurements has been made.  Our greatest wish would be to have a prognosis of normal hips, but we understand that 10 percent of all children placed in a harness show no improvement or have worsened in their symptoms of hip dysplasia.  Only time will tell, as we wait anxiously as the doctor scans the images of the tiny developing bones for what will seem like forever before a long pause, then the answers that define our direction to journey for the next phase of time will be announced and we will continue to battle this newly found defect in the hips of our two beautiful daughters. 

It is time.  I will update this blog when we return from the doctor's office with the news that was given and the direction and difficulty of the path which lies ahead.  Fingers Crossed!  

The results are in.  After a short visit with the doctor the verdict after reviewing your baby sister's ultrasound images have returned with mixed results.  The surgeon has informed us that your sister's right hip is now in the normal range for angle, but still shallow and her left leg has improved, but still very dysplastic.  It looks like we will continue to wear the brace for at least another month.  On the positive side, she is showing improvement with the brace and maybe able to avoid future surgery.

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