Monday, May 30, 2011

No Pain Meds Today - Day Seven

Dear Little Angel,

After 6 days we are attempting to take you off the strong pain medicine you have been taking since your surgery that masks the pain of the incisions and the cut bone.  Over the past few days we have held to a rigid schedule of setting an alarm to remind us when ever your next dose was due, but today to test how far your body is healed we have started increasing the time interval between each dose during the daytime dosing only.  In the past days, as your medicine begain to wear off you would complain your leg was hurting,  today is no different except the complaints only last for a few seconds and then you return to watching your cartoons with a smile across your face.   Your appetite is returing as you demand glasses of milk and ate half of your grandmother's grilled chicken with avocodo sandwich.  All these are signs you are beginning to feel better.  Our last hurdle is to now adjust additional meds to get what goes in to come out in a normal way without a tidal wave of activity and having to scramble to clean a soiled cast. 

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Aunt Wendy said...

We are so glad the pain meds are decreasing and you are doing better. We have been praying for you and we know our prayers are being answered!