Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Post Surgery Scars: The First Hip

Dear Tattered Angel,

With your spica cast disposed of and replaced by a distinctly different low cut broom stick cast, your scars, evidence of your two surgeries on your now healing hip, emerged from their once entombed environment, provided the opportunity for wandering finger tips to nudge and explore. Following repeated presentations of your scars to every nurse, your mother, and myself, a rediscovery of your now exposed belly button became your next new found curiosity.  With each new discovery followed the questioning eyes accompanied with a gesturing finger as you inquired of your now relieved parents,"What that?" These intriguing details of your fragile body brought the renewed curious questioning of a commonplace toddler, typical of children your age.

As we tenderly disclosed to you the purpose of the scars, how they provided access for the surgeon to restore your undeveloped hip, you nodded in apparent understanding how these scars represent your journey through a process that will restore previously unthinkable everyday pleasures to a child who was robbed of such opportunities before she was even born. Once restricted by your skeletal deformities from running, jumping, and dancing, we now look forward to the opportunity for the moment, our little angel will showcase once impossible tasks in her day-to-day life.

I only ask of you, as you grow, develop, and mature, you gaze on these fading scars, to constantly remind you of the amazing people who extended to you a helping hand, your family and friends who invested countless hours into assisting, caring, providing and freely loving a small innocent child as she struggled through the odds to become the beautiful daughter I envision you will grow and develop to be.  Remember the countless sacrifices of your mother as each night she selflessly surrendered her time  and sleep to aid her precious daughter, as she lay helpless in a hospital crib.  Think of  your father, who often filled with silent tears watches in admiration, the will of a child who continues to rise to meet the challenge forced on her with the determination and  positive attitude rarely required of most people in my everyday life.

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