Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hour Glass of Time

Dear Tattered Angel,

Thirty-six years old, is it possible?  It seems like just yesterday, I was in my twenties awaiting the birth of your oldest sister, our first child, as I sat in the rocking chair by her crib, so small and sweet then, now on the verge of teenage years filled with clothes, school, and if I blink, soon to be driving a car.  I image in the future, I will look back at this day with the same puzzling question, "where has time gone?" It is amazing to think with each click of time, like a grain of sand falling through an hour glass, we find ourselves amassing a life filled with memories having the appearance of happening just yesterday, but when placed in a timeline of life seem so long ago in the distant past, more like a foggy dream that never happened than an actual memory from my life.  I find it impossible to comprehend that only three years ago you where only the wish of two heartbroken parents longing for another child after months of tear filled doctor appointments. Now, barely three months have passed since our world changed direction upon learning our precious two year old was born with an undetected birth defect that would dominate our lives for the next six months, continuing to be a focus of concern throughout your life.  What new memories await in our future? I dream of the day when all these surgeries are behind us and I will be able to gaze on my daughter running over the green grass of summer, skipping down the chalk covered sidewalk, or walk down the isle in her white wedding dress, as my eyes fill with small tears of recollection of long nights by your side as the moisten eyes of toddler daughter pearing through the bars of the hospital crib convey a lack of understanding of why her pain will not go away. Will we reflect on this journey as the blessing that restored your hips allowing you to avoid an adult life filled with additional surgeries and pain?  A younger sister to be born in April, will she be free and clear of this hip defect?    Will these batches of surgeries combined with weeks of casting complete your required treatment plan, or do we await unknown treatments yet to be discovered as time passes by? So many questions that await an answer. What unknown grains of sand are waiting to fall through the hour glass of time?

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